Unreported World: India's Broken People
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β€œAt times disturbing and graphic but always incredibly moving reportage of a people who are largely without a voice... a must...”
- The Observer

Video to be posted soon - The Real Slumdog Girls

The real slumdog girls

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 27 January 2009

More4 News reports on the shame of child trafficking in India, witnessing the lonely trail that ends in misery for so many young Indian girls.

The punters want virgins. If you have sex with a virgin it'll cure you of HIV, so goes just one of the lethal myths behind the booming sex trade in India with young girls - very young girls.

More4 News has gone undercover, inside the vast human trade fuelled by India's economic boom. The raw material? Kidnapped girls, often drugged and abducted from village life to the brothels of the big cities. This is no Slumdog Millionaire tale with a happy ending for western audiences.

More4 News, reporter Ramita Navai went to West Bengal, to the village of Basanti, one village among many whose children are easy prey for the traffickers. Their aim is to populate the sex industry of Kolkata.